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(No) Wash and Wear

Today was my first school day of skipping washing my hair. I’ve done it before out of pure laziness on the weekends but never for school. My plan is to only wash my hair every other day, but I might need to change that so that I always wash my hair after work (so greasy).

I am currently using Garnier Fructis but, once I finish these bottles off, I’m going to give shampoo bars a go.

My shoulder-length brown hair felt silky this morning. That gave me the confidence boost I needed to pull it up in a twist and keep it that way through my shower. I was happy with the amount of time saved by not washing it. I was in and out in record time.

This week is the start of Red Ribbon Week at school. It’s an anti-drug and alcohol themed thing (I don’t know what else to call it honestly.) that SADD puts on for the last week of October every year. (SADD doesn’t stand for Students against drunk driving, now it’s politically correct to call it students against destructive decisions).

Today’s theme was ‘Band Together Against Drugs”. That means the students are supposed to wear band tee-shirts and bandanas. I wanted to wear my Bob Dylan shirt but I thought it might be a bit insensitive since it’s anti-drugs and all and he’s smoking in the picture. I settled for a Josh Gracin tee instead.

That being said I threw on a bandana head band, corralling my hair. It had gotten very floofy once I brushed it. I didn’t want to brush it but it looked like two wolverines had been mating in my hair while I slept last night.

I did get a few odd looks at school today but I’m used to those. I doubt it was from my hair. The over-sized man’s tee probably did it. It had fit me fine until our vice principle made me take out my hair tie cinch that had been keeping it from looking too huge.

xo~ Granola


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