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As our first snow fall slowly melts away I’m realizing that my face is dry. Dry dry dry! It is no longer ok to only wash my face after work. That once a week with my Neutrogena is too much. After mentally slapping my hand away from my face for the billionth time (approximately) I had an idea. I just love those little buggers.

Maybe, I thought, could I make one that would work better? I surfed around and found several recipes for face washes, and after realizing that some of these seem way too complicated, I decided to go with an extremely simple idea.

Honey. Such a wonderful food. It is wonderful on burns and, it turns out, a great facial cleanser. I found a site called The Love Vitamin, where  the blogger writes about fourteen different facial cleansers. Number nine being honey.  She says:

Raw organic honey is an extremely mild cleanser with antibacterial and moisturizing benefits! Simply apply, leave on for a few minutes up to half an hour, rinse. Be careful with your hair!

I covered my face with a thick layer of honey and grabbed my book. As soon as sat down my face started to itch. Not in an Ah-I’m-allergic-to-what-I-just-slathered-on-my-face way, but more like I-can’t-touch-my-face-so-of-course-it’s-going-to-itch kind of way. After a few minutes I realized I was dripping. Luckily it was on to the old tee-shirt I was wearing and not my library book. I grabbed a tissue and tucked it into the collar of my shirt like we were taught in pre-school. I just kinda held it up under my chin while I read.

Approximately ten minutes elapsed. I then washed it off with warm water. It did make my face nice and soft. I’d say, except for the drippage it seems like a great method so far. I’ll let you know after I continue it for a while.

xo~ Granola


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