Eighteen and Crunchy

One Giant Dreadlock… Gulp

On Friday night my family and our friends went out to eat a local honky tonk waaaaay out in the mountains. While I was sitting at the kids’ table (yes, I still sit at the kids’ table) we were watching a celebrity news show and there was a segment about a woman who hasn’t “washed her hair in five years”. I honestly was skeptical about the headline when I first saw it and once we started watching it I could tell, even without any sound (the jukebox drowned it out), she had washed her hair. Just not with commercial shampoo. She seemed to be using some sort of all-natural homemade shampoo.

Her hair looked quite lovely in the interview and it gives me hope because my hair is reacting to the bar shampoo by trying to imitate one big dreadlock. I’ve used up one of the sample bars of soap and I’m almost out of the shampoo bar (I’m still washing my hair only every other day) as well. I’m hoping to order some sort of conditioning bar this time around.

I googled around tonight to see if I could find the news clip and I found a few things. But not the original clip sadly.

Woman goes five years without using shampoo article

Growing Trend to Discard Shampoo article

So are you going to, or have gone, ‘no poo’?


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