Eighteen and Crunchy

Sowing Instead of Sewing

I cannot tell you how much I’ve missed this.


This winter has been especially long and harsh. I’ve missed the sun, warm rains, the sounds of peepers, dirt beneath my feet. Yesterday I carved out an hour between school and Key Club. I had a plan. I was going to create my own little patch of spring.


I’ve been saving my yogurt and applesauce cups since January, planning to use them for starting seeds in the spring. Holy non-recyclable plastic Batman! Right?

First I whipped up a batch of eggshell tea. I read on a blog, I can’t remember where, back before Chirstmas that you can let a jar of water with some eggshells in it sit for two or four weeks. It becomes a healthy drink for your plants.


I made up a jelly jar-full to use once the shoots start coming up.

I realized quickly that I wouldn’t have enough potting soil so I went out and gathered up the tops of the mole hills in our yards. Genius or, am I just lazy?  In each cup I put down a base layer and then two seeds, either radish, tomato, or onion. Then a layer of dirt


I figured using two seeds would give me a better chance at getting growth in each cup. After I got all eighty million cups (okay, not quite that many) planted I lined them upon the window sills in the mudroom.


I used up all but two of the yogurt cups. I didn’t think until the end that I could use the lids as drainage trays if I poked holes in the bottoms.


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