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Pins for the Win!

Do you  have a multitude of pins piling up on your desk/dresser/jewelry box?


Would you like a prettier, more organized way to store  them? Well then, you are in luck because today I got tired of constantly shuffling my pins around and decided to create a hanger for them.  I also took pictures along the way to create a tutorial.

You Will Need

A dowel or similar object (I’m using a knitting needle who’s pair was chewed up by one of my puppies)


Super glue (or something similar)




Ribbon ( two widths 5/8 inch and 1/8 inch or string)


A ruler or measuring tape


And a pen

What To Do

First, cut several pieces of ribbon (I made three but the number depends on how many pins you have) the same length. Mine were just under fifteen inches.


If you want to get really creative you could cut the ribbons different lengths and create a staggered effect.

Then, mark out one and two inches on one end of each ribbon.


Note if your dowel is particularly thick You might need to make it three or four inches.

Fold the ribbon so that the edge of the marked end touches the line in between one and two inches. Glue it down.


Then fold it so that the folded end touches the other line. Glue just the edge to the spot marked the line. The loop is what the dowel fits inside so if your dowel is wider a larger loop might be needed. Do the same for all three.


Run a bit of glue along the opposite end of the ribbon to stop fraying.


Another option would be to melt the fibers together (only works with synthetic fibers) using flame but this method probably will cause warping and discoloration of the ribbon (also, if flame is used adult supervision is required if you are a child/pre-teen).

Pin the pins to the wider ribbon so that the folded edge of the loop is on top, facing backwards.


It helps if you pin the pins as straight and as close to the edges as you can.  I left almost no space between my pins, the amount you leave is totally up to you and the number pins you have.

Cut a length of the skinnier ribbon/string (mine was just about two feet).


Slide the dowel through the loops on the wider ribbon and knot the thinner ribbon/string on each end of the dowel and trim it to a length that you like. The ribbons can be glued in place if you want. I left mine moveable so that I could add more ribbons, or adjust the placement if I needed to.


IMG_5307 IMG_5308

Voila! You’re done! Simply hang it up somewhere and admire all your pins hanging neatly.

IMG_5309 IMG_5310

Some of my pins don’t line up with the pictures so they look crooked but the pin itself is straight.

Let me know how yours turns out!



Like what you see here?

Most of these pins were bought on etsy.

Avengers pins

Shakespeare/Jane Eyre pins

I Don’t Judge…/Suicide Awareness pins

Lord of the Rings/Draft Beer /Metropolitan Museum of Art pins: Sorry! I bought the Lord of the Rings and the Draft Beer pins at a flea market. I think they’re from the sixties or seventies and the Metropolitan Museum of Art pin I made.




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