Eighteen and Crunchy

Essential Oils Test

After reading a post by Crunchy Betty about essential oils (which, by the way, aren’t actually oils) I decided to use her test to see how pure my oils actually were.
All that is needed is a piece of construction paper (or two, if you’re like me, and worried about it bleeding through onto the counter) and your oils.

The only step is to pour a drop onto the construction paper and wait to see what happens.


If it evaporates quickly and leaves no noticeable ring, it is pure. If you have a ring left, then it is likely diluted by the manufacturer with an oil of some sort (this test will not work for myrrh, patchouli, and absolutes)

It’s hard to tell but there is a residue for both kinds. I guess my essential oils do have some oil in them after all. I’m going to have to do some research.


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