Eighteen and Crunchy

Herby Mail Day

I love getting mail, especially of the herby variety. I decided that, since we’re allowed to have houseplants, I was going to have an herb garden on my windowsill in my dorm. I did a little searching online and found a company that sells GMO-free seeds. I actually downloaded the app.


I ordered the Culinary Herb Variety Pack which included eight types of seeds (basil, garlic chives, oregano, thyme, parsley, cilantro, dill, and sage). I also ordered a sample pack of rosemary. When I opened the package I also found a free sample of pumpkin seeds and five coupons for five dollars off my next purchase of thirty dollars or more.


Inside the tin there was a key that explained which seeds were which along with usage of each herb and how they could be stored.


There was also a set of ID sticks and a pencil to make labeling easy. There were also a set of our cards that described the temperament of each plant and the conditions they grew best in.


My expectations have been exceeded and I am very excited to get planting so that they’ll be started come move-in day.


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